Saturday, July 16, 2016

Graphic Design and Minimalism

I want to open the discussion on graphic design and minimalism because, unfortunately, I've seen  some designs that are boring in what seems to be an attempt at a minimalistic style. This matter  is particularly important to the marketing and advertising industry where anything boring can be death to an advertising campaign. At best, an uninteresting uncreative marketing campaign raises the cost per conversion (the cost to acquire a lead, sale or other goal).
When minimalism is taken to the point of looking impoverished, especially in graphic design, it will not acquire the most elegant look, but rather will look cheap and poorly thought out. The goal of graphic designs for business use is usually to capture and hold interest and be memorable enough to accomplish what the design set out to do.

I think the key issue when taking a minimalistic approach in graphic design is to think about the design thoroughly, be creative and original.
If you are looking for freelance graphic designer services for hire, and want a minimalist style be sure the designer understands the goals of the advertising campaign and allow for creative freedom.

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