Thursday, August 9, 2018

What Does a Freelance Graphic Designer Do?

What a freelance graphic designer does is a specialized type of work that blends art, typography, and photography. A top freelance graphic designer has worked with marketers and or is knowledgeable in, at least, basic marketing principles.

Freelance Graphic Designers Create Art with Purpose

Creating art with purpose is a lot easier said than done and requires great skill, creativity and savvy. A graphic designer must understand the objectives or goals of a project and why the organization or individual designing for exists. That is, a freelance graphic designer must understand how to project the best "face" for the organization, in addition to creating art that accomplishes goals.

A freelance graphic designer is also someone who is not employed but rather an entrepreneur. Thus, she has a lot more freedom to be creative without the red tape, pressure from colleagues and having to deal with office politics. Freelance graphic designers are artists and thus enjoy their freedom and creative inspiration without boundaries. Of course, the best freelance graphic designers are aware of making successful visual communications contributes to the client's success as much as their own.

Freelance graphic designers employ various software tools to create designs for various applications, such as print, web, vehicle wraps, and more.

Freelance Graphic Designers Create:

The purpose of a project is not generated from the designer but rather is defined by the client. Graphic designers use images, symbols, graphics and words to visually communicate and drive action, loyalty or liking. Freelance graphic designers are artists who may collaborate with other artists if it best serves the client. 

I've worked as both an employee and self-employed and I can say that the most fulfillment, creativity, inspiration and best work comes working as a freelance graphic designer, Los Angeles, CA.

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