Monday, May 28, 2018

Graphic Design Los Angeles Trend : Gradients

Graphic Design Los Angeles is seeing  a gradient comeback. Gradients are popping up everywhere from typography to icons to websites.

(Image via We Heart It)

Color gradients in design are different now then years ago.  Gradients today are, for the most part, brighter, colorful and seem to consist of two colors meshing together. The colors used in Los Angeles Graphic designs by freelancers are also usually near each other on the color wheel or have very subtle difference in color.

The freelance graphic designers Los Angeles use gradients to add depth, interest or vibrancy. It also lends to a contemporary feel when the gradient is not overly complicated. 

Colorful gradients can add interest and excitement to a dull flat design. The change of one color to another can also add movement and a sense of perspective. 

Graphic designers also use gradients to make subtle inferences on atmosphere, objects, landscape and mood. 

Gradients are here to stay, at least for a while in Los Angeles. However, as a graphic artist, I notice trends but I don’t feel tied by them. I may get inspired to use a gradient in a graphic design or maybe not. In the end,    I design the way I like and if it makes sense to use a gradient and I feel naturally compelled to use it then I do it. 

Freedom of graphic design in accomplishing goals and making it beautiful, authentic, and usefully true to form and having a global perspective is vital and more important than following a trend in gradients.

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