Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Logo Design in the Future

Logo design in the future will be taking on new dimensions; indeed, for 3D environments. As Logo designs of the future take on new forms, I can see graphic designers specializing in these as logos become more complex and may require more time and specializations in using software evolve.

Logo Design for Virtual Reality Future

The cross points where branding, color, shape, light and form in logo design will be interesting to see. Since I'm a big Adobe user, as probably most freelance graphic designers Los Angeles are, I can't wait to see how Adobe tackles this.

I imagine that in the beginning 3D logos will probably be more simplistic due to the learning curve and working in a new space. As time evolves who knows how logo designs in 3D and virtual reality develop. Perhaps, the logos of the next generations will include elements not yet fully realized such as shape metamorphosis and more interplay with the environment.

I'm excited to see how logo and graphic design takes off in new media!

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