Tuesday, September 11, 2018

What Graphic Designers Do

Graphic designers, whether freelance or employed, create visuals using computer software. The visuals are usually to promote an idea, product or service. Visuals can also be used to inspire, inform, and made for a desired action from the end audience. The visuals are placed in signs, magazines, brochures, the internet, outdoor advertisements and more.

A skilled graphic designer will research and think about a design before starting the actual process of designing. Research can consist of looking at trends, distilling ideas and looking for inspiration. A freelance graphic designer may meet with clients to get the requirements, preferences, and scope of a project.

Some graphic designs created will only consist of graphics while others will contain text, images, and graphics. The layout and selection of colors, fonts, symbols and other subliminal cues require great skill. An advanced education in design is helpful to a freelance graphic designer, especially in areas outside of design such as business.

In essence, graphic designers make complex ideas accessible and readily digestible. Some are very specialized in a particular area, such as product packaging design or book covers. Usually, these specializations develop over time as skills are developed, or a designer is attracted to a particular calling. The terms graphic artists and designers are used interchangeably. Some of the best graphic artists are highly skilled in many different areas and are just naturally gifted by God.

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