Friday, December 4, 2020

Research in Design

 As a graphic designer, to be interested in culture is vital to remaining connected with audiences as you work. Artists and designers take from experience, relevance, and everything existing in the world to inspire them. 

I am always aware of the design aesthetic of not just graphics, but also objects, architecture, fashion, art, landscapes and just about everything. I suppose it’s because it intrigues me. I also like to note to myself when I like the visual aspect of something, including shapes and colors and overall theme. 

Color Inspiration

Perhaps, this interest started when I was a little girl and marveled at the photography in National Geographic, the glossy ads In Vanity Fair, the artistic fashion in Vogue and beautiful landscapes and horses in a book I had. I would look through those and know instinctively that there was beauty there. I loved looking at them and would look at them, over and over. 

I wanted beautiful designs and wanted to look at beautiful designs. I also strive to always be authentic; expressing something of my own in a graphic design gives me great fulfillment. 

To be inspired by everything and create your own imprint. In Los Angeles, graphic design singularity is highly respected and appreciated because in a city of high diversity, we shouldn’t pretend to be the same. I’ve noticed that Los Angeles even praises those that stand out if it has great aesthetic value and purpose; maybe because this is a city where creativity is the engine of so many, big and small. 

For a graphic designer, Los Angeles can be a haven for creative inspiration and expression. But at some point, when you get a new project you have to do more targeted research because you have to provide the proper context in the design for the audience. 

In sum, be aware and read, see, appreciate the culture not just in your inner circle, but go far to the other parts of the world, (which can be done virtually). Also do specific research in the client’s industry and relevant to the design project at hand.

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