Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Using Shapes in Graphic Design

Graphic design utilizes shapes and the arrangement of them. Shapes can be isolated, divide the whole, or integrated into other shapes. Shapes underlie every graphic design, photography and art. They are used by artists and designers to communicate along with other elements. Shapes can be used in a direct or very indirect subtle manner. As a graphic designer, it's important to keep in mind the shapes that are seen, regardless whether they were intentional or consequential. To think and see shapes and other underlying ques are important for any artist or designer.

A shape is basically a form that has a boundary. A shape is different than a texture in that texture would be within a shape; though textures themselves are shapes, perhaps shapes in color variation. The manner in which we talk about shape here, is that the edges are clearly defined and differentiated from a background, other object, or other shape can be a significant color change or a line. I suppose a texture can be thought of as a group of shapes that are part of a higher order and together represent something.

Text are shapes that are automatically recognizable and immediately interpreted. However, graphic artist know the font  used in text can take many shapes and thus the arrangement and style can influence the perception.

In sum, shapes matter.

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