Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Perceptions in Graphic Design

Graphic artists do significantly more than just making branding and advertisements look good. Graphic design works using a mix of psychology and visual theory. As soon as we glance at an ad, we immediately notice that it is unlike a photograph; there are many different elements working together (or so it should). The brain is sifting and cataloging the visuals.

Our experiences, instincts and thoughts interact with what we see in front of us, regardless if it's on TV, a magazine or a postcard. Every graphic designer in Los Angeles knows that capturing attention in an effective and efficient manner is key because there are too many distractions in the city of angels.

Our eyes and minds interpret what we see and a designer must be able to guide our thoughts and conclusions in the right direction. Graphic designs are not just pictures; the best tell stories and communicate what was intended. Our past, future expectations and emotions, together, will form the total picture of what we look at in a graphic design.

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