Sunday, November 15, 2015

Why is Graphic Design Important?

Graphic design, and the general issue of design, is important for many different reasons. Everyone likes to look and admire aesthetically pleasing design and beauty. I believe it's something innate. Research has shown that even babies will look longer at a beautiful face. Beauty captures and holds our attention; it seems to entrance us, even if for a moment.

Objects and graphics that are designed well charm their way into our minds. A great design of an object, website or something that is interactive goes beyond the aesthetics but is also designed well in usability. The best designs incorporate great aesthetic value with a heightened user-experience.

We are the reason great design is important. We are the ones that will pay more for a designer handbag or are sold by an iPhone billboard. We stare at great advertisements; they capture our attention. They move us emotionally or touch a chord within. We cannot deny the power of awesome graphic design or any gorgeous design.

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