Monday, February 1, 2016

How Graphic Design Helps

Graphic design helps society in numerous ways. One of the most important is the ability to communicate information, ideas, or concepts quickly and efficiently.

For as far back as we know, humans have used symbols and graphics to communicate stories and more. Ancient cave drawings are, in a very rudimentary sense, graphic design. Today, we use digital software to create graphic designs.

Graphic design has become so enmeshed in modern day living that we are hardly aware of it. Whether good or bad, designs are seen everywhere: on street signs, cellphones, computer screens, product packaging, etc. As a graphic designer in Los Angeles, I see it everywhere I turn, literally.

Graphic Design in Los Angeles

Great design communicates effectively and with purpose, yet it is aesthetically pleasing. It captures our attention.

Companies use it to streamline processes and strengthen their position in the marketplace and with employees and business partners. It's vital for a business to incorporate graphic design into their strategy.

Every business is communicating a brand. Part of the "story" of your brand is made up of images and graphics, wherever they are placed. A bad logo design may seem innocuous, until you've had it redesigned and your company and pride is elevated with a new image and sense of worth.

logo design is one of the most powerful marketing tools. It's important for it to reflect the unique "personality" (brand) of the business, it's values and principles.

High-quality graphic design adds credibility to a business. It will evoke the right image and thoughts in people and have great retention in their memory.

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